We have to say we’ve made another family really happy with their new kitchen!

Let’s start from the beginning – this is how the kitchen looked like before:


While customer was happy with the general outline of the kitchen – the U-shape worked pretty well here – nearly everything else needed makeover.

First complain was the lack of space, followed by outdated look.


Customer wanted a modern, plain, white kitchen fronts with no handles and plenty of drawers – something that will be easy to keep clean and virtually maintenance free.

We’ve suggested few changes of the existing outline – moving the fridge, dish washer, washing machine as well as oven.

To increase the storage space we’ve suggested tall cabinets – nearly to the ceiling level and adding extra block of cabinets on the right side.

One of the main pain points was the corner cabinet that was really hard to access – to make sure the access is optimised we have suggested pull out shelves.


So here we have the final result:

Some change, isn’t it?

“We are absolutely delighted with the new kitchen!”

“It looks beautiful and is so much more functional than the old one was!

We’re family of 5 and a lot of life happens in our kitchen & dining room. It is now much, much easier to keep it clean and tidy, as everything has it’s own place inside the cabinets.”



We are delighted to receive this raving review:



We couldn’t recommend PL Fitted Furniture enough! Pawel really took the ownership of the project from the first moment. His experience is amazing – every change he suggested, was spot on. We would have never planned it so well without him. He was also very flexible and listened carefully to what we needed and wanted.


We decided to get the work done while we were away on holidays – I was little concerned at the start, but it actually was great decision. We came back home to a whole new kitchen, skipping all the mess and disruption! I have to say Pawel and his team’s attention to details is remarkable – we have our new kitchen for few months now and I still haven’t found any flaws.


I can only wish we have done the renovation earlier. I always wanted to have a new, bright, modern, maintenance-free kitchen that would fit well into our life-style, where there is always a lot going on in the kitchen/dining. I was however concerned about the cost – thinking it would have a really high price tag.
I was pleasantly surprised with PL Fitted Furniture quotation – it was actually comparable with modular “ready-made” kitchens from large retailers.

We’ve got top quality product for a very reasonable price – I will definitely be recommending Pawel to my friends!

If you’re thinking about getting new kitchen – please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements and get a free no obligation quote – call Pawel on 083 114 6623